What Is A Serger And What Does It Do?

Most people who sew eventually discover that their projects become limited with just a standard sewing machine. When you look for new ways to sew and really get creative, you need a serger. A serger is quite a bit different from a sewing machine in what it is able to do and how quickly it does the job you need it to do.

Sergers Create Tight Stitches

Imagine a basic sewing machine broken down into its most basic function and multiplied by six, and you have the serger machine. This piece of sewing equipment has six spindles to hold six spools of thread, so you can program it to sew with two or more spools of thread at the exact same time.

It sews both sides of a project at the same time, creating a very tight stitch known as the overlock stitch. If you are not sure what an overlock stitch looks like, check out the seams on your favorite pair of jeans. The raised rib running down the sides of both pant legs is an excellent example of an overlock stitch. Nothing breaks a stitch like that, check this out.

Why You Would Want Tight Stitching

Seamstresses and tailors want a very professional, store-bought look on their projects. It does not matter if you want to make your own denim jeans or your own wedding gown. The serger creates the perfect seam such that no one but a clothing manufacturer can tell the difference. You can produce clothing and household goods that appear high-end for a fraction of the cost. The tight stitching you create is as good as your sewing skills. Even if the seams stretch or start to unravel, your serger is right there to put them back in again. You never have to throw away any sewed items again.

Serger or. Sewing Machine: Do You Need Both?

In some instances you do need both a sewing machine and a serger if you are working with slippery fabrics. Dressy fabrics for a perfect look for your makeover, such as satin, silk, jacquard, and stretch knit, all require that you sew a basic seam with your sewing machine first and then sew the overlock seams with the serger. Your only other option is to sew with just a sewing machine, taking the time to fold the seams over once, twice, possibly three times prior to sewing over the top of them. That is extremely difficult to do because the cloth is so thick at that point it can break the needles of most standard sewing machines. A serger, on the other hand, will zip right through that in minutes and not so much as chip the needle let alone break it.

Serger Sewing Classes and Demonstrations

Fabric stores, like J & M Vac & Sew, often hold classes to teach people A) how to sew, and B) how to use a serger. This is the best way for you to see this machine in action and decide if it is right for you for making a best dress that could perfectly fit for your best look makeover. Testing it out lets you get a feel for how well you could manage a serger and whether or not it is worth the $500-$1,000 price.