Showing your Personal Taste with Pompom Earrings

Fashion is always evolving. People’s tastes will always vary from time to time making fashion very dynamic and ever changing. What may be in today might not be in the next five days and when it comes to recent trends, Pompom earrings are making waves in the accessories arena. More and more people are taking notice of this fun and quirky accessory.

Pompom earrings are quite distinct. They derive their name from the little balls of thread or fiber that are attached to the ends of little hooks to form unique dangling earrings. These little balls of fluff are not only for those who are into the quirky stuff or cute accessories; they can also be worn by those who opt for the more classic look. It just all depends on how you pair them up with different articles of clothing to achieve a unique look that you can call yours.

These Pom Pom earrings come in all sizes and colors. They can be very small or up to the size of a golf ball. The most common style is a single ball hanging from the hook, although variants with multiple pompoms are also preferred by some. They can be also be connected to the hook through a chain or adorned with just about anything to make it more intricate. There are truly endless possibilities on how you can show your personal taste through wearing pompom earrings.

The best way to wear this style of earrings is to wear it with the hair down. This draws attention to your ears and also provides a great background for the earring’s style to be showcased. The pompom earrings are best to wear to casual gatherings and parties where the fun and the unique are welcomed.
Those with very short hair might find that the multi-tiered pompom earrings are a perfect way to accentuate your hairstyle. It draws attention to the neck area further emphasizing your short hair. The single pompom style looks great when paired with longer hair. It draws attention to the face and the simple style helps in drawing lesser attention to the hair and instead diverting it upwards. If you prefer a more classic approach to the pompom earrings, then choose the smaller pompoms as these draw lesser attention and instead look like stud earrings from afar.

Your choice of pompom earring color can also affect the overall look of your attire. If you are wearing darker colors that have no or very minimal patterns, then the best colors to go for are those under the metallics like silver and gold. These colors complement each other and when paired together produce elegance. If you are wearing very loud prints, then going for single-colored pompom earrings might just do the trick. If you are into wearing light colored clothes, then pastels are the perfect choice. Black pompom earrings are a safer choice if you want to try this style without drawing too much attention to your uniquely-styled ears.
Wearing something as unique as a pompom earring is a great way to showcase one’s style and individuality. It is in trends like this that we can play around with fashion and see what goes well with what. Never settle for anything dull and always try out new things to help you discover your very own personal taste.