Gluten-free Eating in the Office

Gluten-free eating in the office can be easy if you stick to a few simple rules. office fit out companies Many, you may already be doing, but there is no need to deprive yourself of the celebrations and day-to-day comradery eating with your co-workers brings. First, and this is an individual choice, tell your co-workers you are on a gluten-free diet. You may have to explain that this is where you can’t eat anything that contains wheat, barley or rye. And this is where your judgment comes in, if they are the type of co-workers who will understand, then that’s great, if not, it might be best to not say anything unless there is a situation, such as a birthday party or other get-together that calls for foods. Then a simple, ‘I’m allergic to wheat products,’ will suffice. Sometimes explaining gluten-free products can be challenging and the less said the better. If your co-workers are in the habit of eating out everyday or ordering in most days, check with the usual restaurants and see if they offer any gluten-free menu items. Today, more and more restaurants are becoming aware of the food allergies many people suffer, not just the peanut kind, either. You might be surprised that there are places you and your co-workers eat that have gluten-free dishes such as Essen kaufen. Bringing your lunch everyday is an option and with several hundred recipe books available today, there are just as many choices for bringing your own lunch as there are places to eat out. If you don’t want to explain your food allergies to your co-workers, explain you are saving money for something or you love to cook and that’s why you bring your lunch every day. However, most people understand food allergies except maybe when it comes time to celebrate someone’s birthday with a cake and you decline, but other than that, people are pretty understanding. When it comes to celebrations at work, birthdays, holidays, promotions, many people prefer to go out and celebrate and a quick call to the restaurant will determine if there is something you can eat available to you. if not, salads – without the dressings – are always a safe bet so you can go and celebrate with everyone and not feel left out. But when it comes to the cake, you may want to plan ahead of time. If you know there is going to be a celebration where cake or some type of pastry is involved, don’t deprive yourself, make your own gluten-free cupcakes or brownies and invite the rest of the office to sample them. Some may not even notice a difference while others may simple decline the offer to try something new. Either way, you are not left out of the celebrations and can enjoy gluten-free eating in the office with the rest of your co-workers. It’s somewhat easier when you are first starting out at a job to be upfront and explain you have food allergies, then to all of a sudden start bringing your lunch and turning down invitations for after work drinks and appetizers. But gluten-free eating in the office is not impossible and should not be embarrassing to you or anyone else.