What to Expect From a Professional Car Detailer

Many car owners have mistaken car detailing as some advanced car washing process and will just settle with car washing since it is the same. What’s more, they think that it is too expensive that they will have to do the detailing themselves. The reason why there are professionals in the first place is that they are better at it and they can do this job faster than the average person that does not have any experience with detailing.

The right time to hire a professional car detailer is when you return a leased car or when you want to sell your car. It can also be with any other type of vehicle, too. The purpose of car detailing is to bring back to the almost new condition of the vehicle, at least in aesthetics. This raises the value of your vehicle to potential buyers.

Reasons to hire a professional car detailer
Aside from the reasons above, hiring a car detailer will have you avoid a situation wherein you incur damages to your vehicle and at the same time protect its value and appearance. Because of the processes involved in car detailing such as waxing washing, vacuuming, and deep cleaning on both interior and exterior, many car owners have this misconception that the service is incredibly expensive. But it depends entirely on the service package that you choose when you hire a car detailer. What’s more, the total cost of the service depends on the extent of damage and the processes are done. There are those that are quite affordable since there are only quite a few jobs need to be done. Those with a lot of scratches and dents are usually the ones that have high costs of labor.

But setting aside those thoughts, when you consider the washing, detailing and waxing performed by the professionals will extend the life expectancy of the car, not to mention it will help improve its appearance together with that in the long term it will also retain the resale value of the car. These are some of the reasons why car owners consider hiring a car detailer since it is a worthwhile investment for them.

Estimated costs of car detailing
The estimated costs for most detailing services such as basic cleaning and washing of the interior are more or less starting at $100. The more comprehensive services like interior and exterior detailing can go further to several hundred dollars. The advanced processes such as paint correction or dent, chip or ding repairs can go over thousands.

Why hire a car detailer?
The most common reason is to enhance or retain the resale value of the vehicle. Vehicles that are maintained well by its owner always come with a higher selling cost, and the same can be said for its appearance as well. An exterior that has been cleaned well and waxed regularly shows lesser wear and tear. It will also show a more durable clear coat and paint in the long run, too. As with the interior, regular detailing will show a brand new feel to it, even with all the years it has gone by.

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