Crossbow Hunting

What is crossbow hunting about?
Crossbow is a modernized type of weapon whose use dates back to the year 6 BC. It was initially designed as a war weapon which shoots projectiles called quarrels or bolts. These projectiles are usually smaller than the traditional arrows used with bows.
Crossbows works by pulling a lever back at which point the projectile is ready to be fired. It is usually accurate and comes with a much longer range than the old bow and arrows used in medieval times. Crossbows were initially used by soldiers guarding medieval empires but today it is used by hunters and shooting enthusiasts looking for spoils.
Crossbow hunting is one new area where the Ultimate Crossbow Guide has found relevance. Hunters love using this tool for the thrill it adds to the hunt. While, it is true that it won’t feel the same as a traditional bow and arrow, it does add to the excitement of the game.
Big time hunters use the crossbow to take down big animals like the moose that requires a draw weight of 50 pounds minimum

Things you need to know before buying a crossbow for hunting
1. High Feet Per Second (FPS)
The higher the FPS, the more deadly it will be from up to 20 yards away. 20 yard is the recommended shooting distance. While, it is true that you will be shooting from a much closer distance, it is best to have a tool that can get the job done irrespective of the distance.
The recommended Feet Per Second is 250.
2. Weight
You need a weapon that can get you the kind of results that you want, but you also don’t want to carry a 12 pound cross bow around hunting. It will slow you down and it could be difficult to use on a tree stand while trying to maneuver around leaves.
If the best crossbow for hunting that you can find is heavier than 8.1 lbs., you can purchase a padded crossbow shoulder sling to carry it around.
3. Scope
You can buy this separately but ideally, you want to buy a crossbow whose scope is average. Whatever crossbow that you pick needs to hold zero for a period of time as well as having 3 dots. You also have to check to make sure it doesn’t drain the battery regularly.
4. Budget
When it comes to crossbows, Barnett Vengeance 480 Barnett wildcat C5 you get what you pay for. There are top of the line crossbows that costs as much as $900 and there are really cheap ones that cost way less. The truth is the cheaper ones might cost less and feel like it’s a bargain with the amazing things you can do with them, but it won’t be well built, as accurate or reliable as one that costs more. It will likely fail you when you least expect. So, always remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to crossbows.
5. Get quality arrows
Cheap arrows tend to never hit their targets. They fly around like ping pongs and that is why you need only the best designed arrows to use along with your crossbow. Carbon and aluminum arrows work extremely well. They are well constructed and built for abuse. Ensure that any arrows that you decide to buy have a nock created for crossbow use.