Best Heat Press Machine

Heat pressing has become popular nowadays, anything from t-shirts to ceramic plates – there’s an endless list of the things you can use as your canvass for heat pressing.
Best Heat Press Machine come in many sizes that can accommodate anything from a small company to a large company, anything from a quick gift idea to your colleague to bulk orders for a campaign or party next week, a heat press machine has got you covered.
But with so many choices of heat press machines available in the market today, how can you be sure you pick the right one?

Well, don’t worry as we’re here to help you pick the best heat press machine for your business or personal endeavors but before you order or purchase one, here are a few tips to help you pick the best heat press machine for your needs:

Heat presses come in three design styles, namely: clamshell, swing away, and lastly, the draw type. However, there are some types of heat press machines that are a combination of both design styles, for example: you may be shown or given a clamshell and draw type heat press machine.

Heat press machines can either be manual, fully automatic with the help compressed air, and even semi-automatic.

Despite the common notion that heat press machines print is only temporary, it is actually permanent and can last for a long time here.

In choosing a heat press machine, make sure you know how often you’ll be using it, will you be using it for a one time job? Perhaps you need it to speed up your printing process.
Will you be using it on one item or perhaps a dozen?
The swing away style allows thicker material such as sweaters, coats, and other similar clothing that are made of thick materials including tiles and wood.
The swing away also applies consistent pressure onto your product or material instead of just pressing down on a certain angle like the clamshell design.
If you don’t have much space in your place or move around a lot then the clamshell is perfect for you.
The next thing you need to decide is whether you want your heat press machine to be automatic or manual, if you don’t have a fast-paced shop or bulk orders then choosing a manual or semi-automatic heat press is best for you.
If you have a lot of orders and customers and need things done quickly then you should go for a fully automatic machine.
Another thing to consider is the size of the products you will be using your heat press machine on, small to medium heat press machines are perfect for mugs, t-shirts, tiles, plates, mouse pads, and even 3D letters to jigsaw puzzles while bigger heat press machines should be used on bigger materials such big yards of fabric like wallpapers, clothing, posters and the like.

Knowing exactly what kind of products you will be using your heat press machine will help you determine what kind of heat press machine you should buy, know that there are heat press machines that are built specifically for mugs, keychains, and even caps
However, if you just need to use a heat press machine once in a while, then it’s best that you choose a smaller heat press machine such as the JetPress 12; it provides the same printing quality like its bigger counterparts in the fraction of the cost.
For other options, you may purchase the Hotronix Fusion or the Gecko GK series.