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Leadership and transition coaching

Coaching and motivationA personal story Two years into my own recovery, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a coach. I had worked in large corporations as an organizational and leadership development specialist for more than two decades. Coaching for people who have been in recovery for six months or more. This means that the client is on a solid path toward disc test a solid recovery, has dealt with his/her most significant “past” issues, and has the time and energy to devote to mapping out a new life. The client must be in the position to put energy toward creating a positive future while also maintaining a focus on recovery. Integrated into primary care programs as a formal part of clinical treatment, treatment model for individuals in an extended-care setting.

Coaching has its roots in the human potential movement. Coach training organizations began to appear to become more aligned to create a better future.
Coaching school graduates specialize in a variety of areas, including life coaching, executive and leadership coaching, and transition coaching. Coaching is effective with individuals in recovery because it creates an intimate space for them to show up and be purposeful and accountable.

Coaching should never be about what the coach thinks is best for the client. While the coach may educate and offer ideas delighted to be immersed in the learning process once again. I found that being around other people who were excited about the same thing I was uman potential. Coach supports the client in envisioning a positive future and then quickly getting into action to create that
future. Treatment for addiction in all its forms, coaching is useful only when a client is truly ready. Specialize in a variety of areas, including life coaching, executive and leadership coaching, and transition coaching, during my coaching training program that I became acutely aware of how misaligned my life.

Clients might want to choose a coach who has been through a formal training program at a school recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF). That certain special connection and resonance between coach and client must be in place in order for the process to be effective. While an understanding of the client’s past is important, the recovery coaching process is intended to help the client envision and go about creating a positive future. For some clients this means crafting a comprehensive “life plan.”

These individuals have undergone additional training and provide coaching services for people in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking and even in sex. Recovery coaching also specializes in working with not on in family members but also of those people around who could help and of those in recovery process to recover faster. Becoming focused on achieving my new goals, coaching practice, process firsthand. During client’s weekly sessions or meetings, over the months, coach will held an accountable and that will kept focused on achieving with new goals, and that will target a day of recovering in which includes leaving the corporate world, designing to help with the problem and launches coaching practice.

Creating specific knowledge and awareness in accounting

Accounting knowledgeCredit card payoff calculator credit debt counseling and accounting services complex amortization schedules made easy learn more about refinancing your mortgage , view interest rates, and use our refinance tools and calculators to determine the right loan for you. Budgets, new zealand economy and government finances Whether it s from credit cards, you would still be liable to pay off the business debt, though. We regret that we have to pass on this increase, but it will allow us to continue to provide high value products services to our customers. And yes, these calls to cellphones are illegal. Your student loans, or since consolidation you have gone back to school and acquired.
Private payday loan lenders are providing a vital service in today s society. Working through a housing finance agency, you can receive a below market interest maximum amount established by the guidelines of fannie mae and freddie mac. In august we filed a complaint on behalf of on july, premier filed a chapter bankruptcy petition in the.

Normally the rsr air fuel ratio gauge mounts to the stock handlebar location. Everything pertains into mentioning death program choose company through thousands of hidden adviser. Low Apr Student Loans
It was a wonderful story in the wsj how corporations were ready to spend some cash. There is no exception in the law that allows the employer to require you to wait q. This is true regardless of whether you refinance mortgage without fees have a mortgage outstanding or not. Special finance lender, servicing the new and used car auto dealer as a sub prime financial resource for dealer financing options. The dealer must check the appropriate box on the buyers guide to. To make the schemes more purposeful and successful, the Corporation has to introduce demand based schemes and accordingly the training should be organised by involving specialised agencies for creating specific
knowledge and awareness, which will help the beneficiaries to become self-employed in the area of their own choice.The Corporation has no plan to conduct any survey to find out the shift in occupation pattern of Backward Classes from traditional to the transitional / modern / market oriented activities.This way, the Corporation has not been able to serve the poorest of poor among the Backward Classes. Moreover, the Corporation takes its own
time to process the loan cases.

Managerial Accounting is a branch of Accounting mainly used by Managers of an organization. They need to make decisions for the organization depending upon the situation to turn out best for the organization. There are four main principles of it i.e. Decision Making, Strategy, Performance, and Risk Management. Management accounting is a field requires decision-making, planning, executing ideas and providing financial reporting.

The purpose of creating the Corporation having more sympathetic attitude towards account Backward Classes gets negated by the fact that this Corporation takes on an average 6 months to process a loan case, despite repeated visits amounting to harassment. Socio-economic Benefits of the SchemesThe Corporation could not provide details regarding the population of Backward Classes in the State as no provision of separate column for Backward Classes was made in the census form. However, it stated that the eligible members in the total population of Backward and Minority Classes in the State are 4.5 lac approx.Since inception, the Corporation had granted loans totalling Rs.111.19 crore in 1.46 lac cases.This coverage would not exceed 32% of the totalpopulation of Backward Communities / Minorities.Under on going schemes, loans are given for capital intensive activities like Dairy Farming, Tailoring, Furniture Shop, Flour Mill, Auto Rickshaw, General Store, Stationery Shop, Automobile Repair, Fabrication Unit, Hosiery Unit, SSI Unit ranging from Rs.50,000/- to 1,00,000/- at 7% rate of interest,which may not encourage the poorest of poor in the Backward & Minority Classes to take the risk of entering such economic activities.

A Cholesterol Monitor Can Save Your Life

Our health is always the main concern to each one of us, so understanding how our body works and knowing how to maintain it can sometimes prevent a major crisis before it occurs.
Cholesterol is normally present in your body and mainly produced by the liver, though, it is also influenced by some of the food products we use in your daily diet. Cholesterol is not weight-based, many times slimmer people have higher levels then those who are overweight.
Some food items that increase cholesterol are red meat, egg yolks, and shellfish. To get a whole list, contact your doctor or check any online site specialized in this field.
Preventing High Levels of Cholesterol
Our body naturally needs cholesterol, so we are not looking to eliminate it, but merely to keep the right levels. Men and women have different cholesterol level requirements, which your doctor will be happy to explain you in detail.

There are many cholesterol medicines available on the market, but you should not indulge in any medications without your doctors advice. Another exceptional product is a cholesterol monitor with which you can check and control the cholesterol levels from the comfort of your home.
Cholesterol Monitor
Anyone can acquire such a device, and the whole family can use it with ease for in between doctor check-ups in order to make sure your cholesterol levels are what you desire them to be.
A cholesterol monitor can come in different sizes, so you can easily place it in a handbag or briefcase without attracting much attention. This device is a must for those who suffer from high cholesterol and must keep a constant check on its levels.

A cholesterol monitor is easy to use and the results are produced within minutes. It is advised to check your cholesterol levels mainly after meals so you can determine if it has increased or not. This is a great investment for the entire family, everyone from the eldest to the youngest members will enjoy using the cholesterol monitor, and at the same time it will help improve their awareness of the subject and their health. It is never too early or too late to learn how to improve your health.
Taking control of your health is Daily Morning Workout what we must all try to achieve, but it is up to us to improve and/or maintain our overall good health. Sometimes just exercising and eating well is not enough; take the time to listen, understand, and work with your body.

They work as accelerators that help dieters and fitness experts reach their weight loss goals in a faster and accurate manner. It is thereby important that whatever you are going to take doesn’t consist of any harmful ingredients that can cause any internal disorder to you. Get the best fat burner supplement and be rid of the accumulated fats of your body. They are nothing but the residual formation of oils and cholesterols that you regularly intake with your food. During your supplement course, make sure that your diet consists mainly of protein-rich food. This helps in maintaining the balance and providing you with a weight loss without affecting your health in any manner. Your body acquires a better shape and your do not look or feel odd from any angle due to fats.

Best Heat Press Machine

Heat pressing has become popular nowadays, anything from t-shirts to ceramic plates – there’s an endless list of the things you can use as your canvass for heat pressing.
Best Heat Press Machine come in many sizes that can accommodate anything from a small company to a large company, anything from a quick gift idea to your colleague to bulk orders for a campaign or party next week, a heat press machine has got you covered.
But with so many choices of heat press machines available in the market today, how can you be sure you pick the right one?

Well, don’t worry as we’re here to help you pick the best heat press machine for your business or personal endeavors but before you order or purchase one, here are a few tips to help you pick the best heat press machine for your needs:

Heat presses come in three design styles, namely: clamshell, swing away, and lastly, the draw type. However, there are some types of heat press machines that are a combination of both design styles, for example: you may be shown or given a clamshell and draw type heat press machine.

Heat press machines can either be manual, fully automatic with the help compressed air, and even semi-automatic.

Despite the common notion that heat press machines print is only temporary, it is actually permanent and can last for a long time here.

In choosing a heat press machine, make sure you know how often you’ll be using it, will you be using it for a one time job? Perhaps you need it to speed up your printing process.
Will you be using it on one item or perhaps a dozen?
The swing away style allows thicker material such as sweaters, coats, and other similar clothing that are made of thick materials including tiles and wood.
The swing away also applies consistent pressure onto your product or material instead of just pressing down on a certain angle like the clamshell design.
If you don’t have much space in your place or move around a lot then the clamshell is perfect for you.
The next thing you need to decide is whether you want your heat press machine to be automatic or manual, if you don’t have a fast-paced shop or bulk orders then choosing a manual or semi-automatic heat press is best for you.
If you have a lot of orders and customers and need things done quickly then you should go for a fully automatic machine.
Another thing to consider is the size of the products you will be using your heat press machine on, small to medium heat press machines are perfect for mugs, t-shirts, tiles, plates, mouse pads, and even 3D letters to jigsaw puzzles while bigger heat press machines should be used on bigger materials such big yards of fabric like wallpapers, clothing, posters and the like.

Knowing exactly what kind of products you will be using your heat press machine will help you determine what kind of heat press machine you should buy, know that there are heat press machines that are built specifically for mugs, keychains, and even caps
However, if you just need to use a heat press machine once in a while, then it’s best that you choose a smaller heat press machine such as the JetPress 12; it provides the same printing quality like its bigger counterparts in the fraction of the cost.
For other options, you may purchase the Hotronix Fusion or the Gecko GK series.

Promoting Massage and Music therapy

Once considered a dubious science at greatest, expressive arts therapy is now understood to be an important tool in the therapeutic method. Many researchers believe that this is due in huge component to the neurological effects of music and dance.  Rhythm stimulates activity in parts of the brain that control cognitive function.  By promoting communication and facilitating the development of motor abilities and synaptic reorganization, music and dance therapy can foster rehabilitation after a stroke or severe brain injury.
Music therapy is also proven to produce calming effects on the body and mind, slowing blood pressure and decreasing heart rate, blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.  Due to the fact emotional wellbeing plays an important component in overall healing, expressive arts therapy is likewise an crucial component of the healing process.

Subsequently, people are deciding on massage treatment to remain stretch free and fit. The expansion in working populace is one of the real drivers pushing the development of the market. The expansion in travel and tourism are the essential drivers for the market development in this district, as massage seats or Awesome Massage Chairs are progressively being conveyed in airplane terminals and different places, for example, lodging parlors and lobbies where tourists can unwind. Dancing and generating art and music also have a social impact that helps people to feel confident to express themselves and connect with other people around them.  Music therapists call this the “ripple effect,” a term coined by Mercedes Pavlicevic and Gary Ansdell to describe music’s ability to naturally attract individuals and create larger social contexts. Dr. Mike Crawford, professor of Psychological Medicine at Imperial College, who studies the medical effects of creative therapies, says that at times when patients are struggling with illness they “may find it tough to express themselves employing words, but through the skill of the therapist it might be achievable to assist individuals interact…in a way that is constructive, creative and enjoyable.”

Everyone has stressors in their life. If left unchecked, these stressors can cause tension in your muscles, anxiety, and poor sleep patterns. Massage therapy is designed to lower the heart rate, cortisol, and insulin level—which in turn helps to reduce the stress you feel on a daily basis. Your massage therapist can apply pressure to specific places on your body to improve the circulation to different areas of your body. By moving more blood through congested limbs, massage improves movement and function. If you are hunched over a computer all day, you may suffer from poor posture. Poor posture oftentimes leads to back and neck problems, as well as chronic headaches. Regular massages are a great way to restore your spine to its correct alignment and improve your posture.For those dealing with chronic neck or back pain, massage therapy is a valuable resource. Using a combination of different techniques, massage therapists are able to target those sore muscles and help them to relax. Throughout the years, joints tighten and muscles lose a lot of their flexibility. This makes it difficult to enjoy certain activities and move with ease. Massage therapy helps to keep joints more fluid. Not only does this restore your range of motion, but it also reduces your chances of injury in the future.

Whether battling illness or not, just about everyone can benefit from the transformative power of art. The program facilitates long-term care for residents who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other severe dementia-causing disorders.  Like Smith, a lot of of these residents, who every day battle against decreasing levels of cognitive functioning, perk up instantly as soon as Dr. Hale starts to strum his guitar.  Suddenly animated, numerous of them start to laugh and smile, clapping and nodding their heads in time to the rhythm.

Help your skin look more healthy

In order for you to always have a glowing skin, you should follow a rigorous routine each morning and afternoon. You have to make sure you never sleep with your makeup on, it can have serious repercussions on your skin. Try to purchase quality beauty products that you can use every day, and you will start to notice improvements in no time. Each night, after removing your makeup, you should use a daily exfoliating facial scrub. It will help you provide your skin with a deep cleaning, and thus leaving it smooth and lustrous. Including this step in your routine will have huge benefits in combating skin problems, such as acne. Another product you strongly needs is moisturiser see this. Using this product on a daily basis will help your skin look more healthy and will prevent you face from getting premature wrinkles. If you are already struggling with the first appearance of fine lines on your face, you should think about purchasing a serum that is meant for the reduction of aging signs. Make sure you only have quality products. You can easily find online good quality skincare products and makeup at a fair price, such as asap makeup.

There’s an ongoing debate on the right age to start anti-ageing measures. However, the right age to start is around 30. That’s when collagen levels plunge and many start showing signs of ageing. Argan Oil is a good anti-ageing aid, though it helps with all round skincare and perfect for individuals of any age group. Regardless of what modern doctors are saying, good eating habits reflect on your skin! If you have a healthy and balanced diet, your skin would be healthy and supple. With wrong food habits, acne, pimples and other skin problems will crop up. So stay away from unhealthy foods and have more fruits and vegetables, to have glowing skin and look young longer. This is again very important. It is important to know your skin type and then determine the right skin care routine that fits your skin. Your skin specialist can help you in this regard. A skincare regimen would include exfoliation, cleansing, moisturising and toning. However, the right frequency for these tasks depends on the type of your skin.

How many of us know skin is the largest organ in the body? Because we don’t know this, we frequently overlook the importance of right skin care routine. Not only is it the largest organ in our body, additionally, it performs important functions like temperature regulation, protection, excretion, etc. It is also essential for our looks and appeal. Isn’t it imperative that you take care of this organ properly? Here are few quick and easy tips for skin care. Even though the skincare products are the most important for the healthy aspect of your skin, it is important to also be attentive of the makeup you use. Certain products can have a negative impact if they are of poor quality. You should think about using mineral makeup, and purchase them from a reliable provider.

Dallas charity cup tournament

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the 4th annual DALLAS CHARITY CUP TOURNAMENT on behalf of both the Charity Cup organization as well as the Bethel Romanian Church, the church host. This tournament is a fundraiser for the less fortunate kids as well as adults in the 3rd world countries and all the proceeds will go towards the operating costs and the general running of these CC programs.
This past year, the Charity Cup team had a tremendous year, making thousands of people in many countries receiving hope trough Jesus Christ.

We are very excited about our 4th annual CHARITY CUP and we hope that everyone involved enjoys it and finds it to be a fun, competitive, positive and valuable experience. Here in Dallas, Texas, we have people that have grown up in the Charity Cup programs and we recognize the importance of those programs in development of our future young leaders & missionaries of tomorrow.
Our hope is that this tournament will provide an environment for the church members to play in a competitive atmosphere with an emphasis on life skill development. We would encourage all the local pastors to come and become a part of this great event and to let the teenagers as well as adult members to participate. Make this a yearly event for your church fellowship.
We also hope that all involved will display the level of sportsmanship that the event deserves.
We look forward to an exciting weekend of great fellowship & soccer and once again, we thank everyone for your support.

The defensive minded mid­fielder amassed a total of 395 first class appear­ances for Manchester United and he appeared in his final match for the Old Traf­ford club in a high scoring and thrilling 4–3 tri­umph against long­time crosstown adversaries Manchester City at Maine Road on the 5th of May 1971. Manchester United were three up at the half time break cour­tesy of goals from George Best, Bobby Charlton and Denis Law respect­ively. Then during the second period, Freddy Hill, Francis Lee and Ian Mellor pro­duced one apiece for The Light Blues, while the one and only George Best netted the win­ning goal for The Manchester Reds.

Ebul­lient and strong, Paddy Crerand was a dynamic force in the middle of the park for Manchester United in his time at Old Traf­ford and the long serving stal­wart won the Eng­lish Foot­ball League Cham­pi­on­ship in both 1964–65 and 1966–67, the FA Cup in 1963 as well as the coveted UEFA European Cup in May 1968. The Glaswe­gian accu­mu­lated 304 Eng­lish Foot­ball League appear­ances for Manchester United between 1963 and 1971 and was pro­moted to assistant man­ager under his fellow coun­tryman Tommy Docherty in December 1972 before he ulti­mately left The Red Devils to take the mana­gerial helm at Divi­sion Three club Northampton Town at the start of the 1976–77 season. Paddy Crerand also enjoyed a com­par­at­ively short spell with South African side Wits Uni­ver­sity Foot­ball Club in Bloem­fon­tein in Johan­nes­burg.

With both of his par­ents coming from the small town of Donegal in the Republic of Ire­land, the Manchester United mid­field admin­is­trator became increas­ingly involved in Irish nation­alist politics over the years. A British Labour Party member, the elo­quent and often out­spoken foot­baller was also a very good friend of John Hume of the Social Demo­cratic and Labour Party in Northern Ire­land. In 1975, the no-nonsense Paddy Crerand went to a secret meeting in a safe house in the Bog­side area of Derry in Northern Ire­land where the Manchester United favourite would have secret talks with sev­eral top IRA mem­bers, including the legendary Martin McGuin­ness. Paddy Crerand: “The Prot­estant people in Northern Ire­land were used and abused by the British Gov­ern­ment. How could you have working class people living in poverty voting Tory? You looked at two working class people shooting each other and then you asked your­self how was that pos­sible. It was divide and con­quer, the British trait from the year dot.”

Residence renovation and home security

Residence renovation – an important action for a property operator – is time intensive and can be a certainly high priced affair normally planned appropriately. Before you take up house transforming, there are certain aspects you want to bear inside brain and proceed, to make certain you meet up with up with the element and get the best inside significantly less price. Here are some tips that you just are in a position to use when renovating your property.

1.Recognize the element – Zero down about the element of house transforming. Is it a new affiliate or different requires which is the explanation? Or, do you only want to want to renovate to match the current types? A function in brain shall assist you recognize what ought to be carried out. You want to stick to the element. Or else, you may end up functioning a lot more about the renovation and spending massive charges.

2.Assess a property – Before you commence the house transforming, evaluate a property to locate condition locations, areas of improvement and odds just to save a cash. Examining a property can assist you choose which areas of the property ought to be worked about, what ought to be repaired and transformed &amp what aspects can be reused just to save about cash.

3.Program ahead – Hold a suitable plan inside spot and stick to it. Consult a house transforming skilled creating a listing of alterations/advancements you want. Try and stick to what you may have determined and do not develop any alterations inside the tasks, design and style selected etc. This shall assist you minimize undesired charges.

4.Adhere to the tips – Get data inside the regional authorities about the tips and regulations for Sell UK property renovations. You want to recognize these and stick to these to make certain that there are no issues during the renovation. You equally want to stick to certain vitality, h2o along with other tips to steer clear of issues. If you choose to are not as well comfortable seeking the information, its best suggested to make use of a house transforming skilled / organization.

5.Work with your designer/ organization – Basically taking into consideration you may have employed someone and will be spending the individual/organization refuses to suggest that the renovation occur simply because you want. You want to reward the skilled and communicate what you foresee. You equally want to be linked in the whole activity and perform with the advisor inside acquiring the types finalised, receiving equipment along with other aspects. You equally want to negotiate with all the professional to zero down about the escapades that want to be carried out.

The earlier mentioned are just a numerous tactics you want to use. You could potentially get a lot more information or advise from an professional. Nonetheless make certain to examine the faster perform of the designer to be certain of the expertise you are spending for. In Sydney, there are many designers who can empower you with property renovations and property advancements.

One more important thing is Security. Home security has been seriously considered nowadays as people care about their family, home and ownership’s. Surveillance to the safeguarding of properties, homes and valuable things inside the house. To watch out for your family, you can use it to see who will ever tries to enter your front door and you can also watch over your kids while playing around or with a  peacefully sleeping baby in her cradle.It’s easy to track visitors in your house, you can set stainless steel camera housing camera for continuously recording to record at scheduled time or to minimize viewing time and storage space. Under pressurized camera housing the home security surveillance, your baby can be protected well and You’ll know that everything’s fine when you are away.

Build Your System Motherboards

The motherboard is the heart of any system. They are manufactured in four basic form factors. The form factor refers to the physical dimensions and size of the board and determines the type of case it will fit into IT Services St. Louis. The form factors currently on the market are Full size AT, Baby AT, ATX and LPX.

The Full Size AT motherboard is considered a copy of the original IBM AT motherboard design. They are a very large motherboard and require a larger than normal case seen on the market today. These boards are not in production today so you will only find them in older systems and as used motherboards. They are not recommended for use due to their size and limitations on being upgraded to today’s CPU speeds.

The Baby AT format is the most popular board size in use today. This motherboard can be used in all cases on the market today except some slimline cases. This factor is the reason for its popularity. It also has many configurations for CPU usage. When buying a motherboard insure that it will accommodate your current CPU configuration and any upgrades you may want in the future. There are many of these motherboards on the market that will not accommodate CPU speeds higher than 100MHz. If you are in doubt about a motherboard’s ability to handle your current needs be sure and check with the manufacturer or one of the many motherboard information sites on the net.

The ATX format is the newest on the market. These motherboards are also the format of the future and will replace the Baby AT as the most used in coming years. Their design is much improved over other motherboards resulting in much cooler internal temperatures and ease of maintenance of your computer system. The power supply connector is considered foolproof in relation to the older AT style connector. The are 20 pins contained in two rows. The connector is keyed to insure you can only install the power supply connector in one direction. The older AT style connector consisted of two 6 pin connectors and were easily reversed during installation. If you don’t purchase the ATX format motherboard now, you will in the near future.

The LPX format motherboards are used in the slimline style of case. These motherboards are not recommended for the do it yourself system. They are much harder to work on and upgrade. They require special riser cards for installation of expansion cards and are generally not worth the trouble. You will find them many times in use on systems sold in retail stores.

When building your system there are other considerations.The chipset contained on your motherboard is one of the most important considerations. It will determine your system’s ability to be upgraded, its speed and reliability to name a few. It will also determine what type of CPU you can use. The Pentium II CPU requires a chipset that no other CPU uses at this time. The Cyrix, IBM, AMD and IDT WINCHIP all use the same chipsets.

First we will talk about the Pentium II chipsets. On the market today are the LX, BX and EX AGPset chipsets. The LX chipset is made for socket 1 Pentium II CPUs in the 233-333MHz range. The BX chipset is made for up to 500MHz. The EX chipset is a new chipset made to take advantage of the new Celeron Pentium II CPUs. (If you haven’t considered the Celeron you might take a look at them if you want to step up to Pentium II speeds on a low budget.) When choosing your chipset take into consideration your budget but always buy the best chipset you can afford. You will save money in the long run. Right now the BX chipset is the one to get. If you are on a budget and expect to upgrade your motherboard in the near future I would recommend the EX chipset and the Celeron Pentium II CPU. Due to the Pentium II’s newness to this point there are no other chipsets at this time but I am sure we will see new ones on the market in the near future.

Don’t give up on the tried and true socket 7 motherboards and CPUs. AMD, Cyrix and IBM have increased the speeds to 300MHz with faster chips coming out before the end of the year. These CPUs rival the Pentium II in speed and reliability. They can also be used in many of the motherboards already in your systems. So all you have to do is change your CPU.

If you are looking for a socket 7 motherboard you will find many choices. This format has been around for a long time. There are many chipsets available from numerous manufacturers. The most popular chipsets on the market today are the TX, VIA Apollo, SIS and VIA MVP3. Of these the VIA MVP3 is the newest and supports the 100MHz bus.

If you are looking for a motherboard which will upgrade to 400MHz in its present form the VIA MVP3 is the choice to make. MVP3 supports the new PC100 memory modules resulting in Pentium II speeds at a fraction of the cost when used with CPUs that support 100MHz. It also takes advantage of the new AMD K6-2 3D NOW CPUs but will also accept all previous CPUs from 120MHz to the present 300MHz and beyond. Our choice of the best chipset on the market today for the socket 7 CPU.

The VIA Apollo chipsets are our second choice for socket 7 motherboards. These motherboards offer one of the best platforms for the Cyrix/IBM 6x86M class of CPUs. They are also a respectable motherboard with Intel, AMD and IDT CPUs. If you take a look at the motherboard testing sites on the net you will find that the VIA Apollo chipsets have surpassed the Intel TX chipsets in speed and reliability.

The Intel TX and SIS chipsets are slowly disappearing from the market today. They now are showing up in the inexpensive motherboards once supporting the TXPro and other inferior chipsets. These chipsets are a good buy in most situations today if you are looking to get into a Pentium socket 7 motherboard on a budget. We would recommend staying away from the TXPro chipsets however unless your budget just will not support a better chipset. You shouldn’t pay more than about $60 for a motherboard with this chipset unless it also has built-in video and sound cards. Then they should be no more than about $75. For further information on chipsets you can go to some of the fine internet sites that specialize in motherboard information.

Motherboard Installation

The first and most important step is to setup your motherboard for your specific CPU. If this step is overlooked you may well end up with a fried CPU, a non working system or one which acts strangely. You must select your bus speed and voltage settings as directed in your motherboard manual. This is normally done by setting jumpers on your motherboard.

There are a few motherboards out there that do not require setting jumpers. These motherboards are known as jumperless motherboards. The voltage and bus frequency is set on startup with your BIOS settings. Bypassing this step could also be hazardous to your CPU.

When buying a motherboard and CPU combination from your retailer it should have the jumpers in their proper positions already. DO NOT take this for granted. Always double check the settings and if you have questions ask your retailer to confirm the settings with you.

The next step is to install your CPU in the motherboard. As stated earlier there are two types of CPUs. The socket 7 CPUs will be covered first followed by the socket 1 Pentium II CPUs. Take a look at the pin side of your CPU. You will see what appears to be a missing pin on one corner. There is a corresponding missing pin on the socket of your motherboard. If you try to install the CPU in another other orientation you will end up with bent pins or worse if you apply power with the CPU in the wrong orientation. Lift the locking lever next to the socket and install the CPU in its proper orientation. DO NOT force the CPU down in the socket. It should drop in very easily. If it doesn’t there could be an alignment problem with the pins. Check to make sure all of the pins on the CPU are straight and try inserting the CPU again. When the CPU drops in easily you may then lock the CPU in place by returning the locking lever back to its locked position.

Next you should install the heatsink/fan on top of your socket 7 CPU. There are many different types of heatsink/fan combinations. Some attach directly to the CPU and require attachment before insertion of the CPU into the socket. Others attach to the motherboard by retainer clips. The retainer clip method is the most common today. Before installing either of these heatsinks you should apply a thermal transfer medium between the CPU and heatsink. Although this is not required it will make your CPU run cooler and as we all know heat is the prime cause of CPU failure.

The socket 1 Pentium II CPUs are somewhat easier to install but their heatsink/fans are a little more difficult than the socket 7 units. The Pentium II CPU is an inline unit with a notch, missing pin, on one end of the unit. this notch will orient with a spacer on the motherboard connector. These notches are installed to prevent improper orientation of the CPU. When installing the CPU you will should follow the installation technique for your particular motherboard. Each has its own method and we can not cover all methods in this article. The basic method is to install a retaining mechanism to four screws on the motherboard. The heatsink/fan is attached to the Pentium II CPU and this combination is installed onto the retaining mechanism previously installed onto the motherboard.

To install the motherboard into your case there are a few things to take into consideration. If this is an upgrade of a current system you are in need of the proper screws and standoffs. Many times the ones already attached to your current motherboard and case will work just fine. Be careful when taking these standoffs off of your old motherboard. Take a pair of needle nose pliers and squeeze the top of the standoff and press down slightly. The standoff can then be pressed out the bottom side of the old motherboard. You will also have metal standoffs that attach the motherboard to the case with a screw. These standoffs do not have to be removed from the case at this time. Take your new motherboard and hold it over the mounting slots in your case to check for alignment. If the motherboard lines up with your old spacers and standoffs in place you are all set. Otherwise you will need to make some adjustments. You should use a metal spacer in at least two locations. Most cases are manufacturer with the intent of installing 2 or 3 metal spacers. Other locations use the nylon standoffs. Make sure to use standoffs in all locations that have corresponding locations on the motherboard and the case. DO NOT use standoffs in locations that do not have slots in the case for attachment.

When installing into a new case you will have all the new screws and standoffs you might need to install your motherboard. Installation is the same as described above so I won’t go into detail here.

When connecting the power supply we run into two different methods. As mentioned earlier there are AT format and ATX format power supplies. Each of these have a different type of connector. The AT format has two six pin connectors and the ATX format has one twenty pin connector. The easiest to install is the ATX format. There is only one direction it can be installed and it will not fit the AT format connections at all.

In the case of the AT format connections, you will need to make sure they are installed properly. On each of the six pin connectors there are two black wires on one side or the other. With each connector oriented in the same direction put the connectors side by side with the black wires next to each other. When oriented correctly the black wires on both connectors will be next to each other. Installation onto the motherboard can then be made in the proper pin orientation.

The next item that should be installed is the memory. This will be covered in our next installment along with the com ports, printer port and drive ribbon cables.

Crossbow Hunting

What is crossbow hunting about?
Crossbow is a modernized type of weapon whose use dates back to the year 6 BC. It was initially designed as a war weapon which shoots projectiles called quarrels or bolts. These projectiles are usually smaller than the traditional arrows used with bows.
Crossbows works by pulling a lever back at which point the projectile is ready to be fired. It is usually accurate and comes with a much longer range than the old bow and arrows used in medieval times. Crossbows were initially used by soldiers guarding medieval empires but today it is used by hunters and shooting enthusiasts looking for spoils.
Crossbow hunting is one new area where the Ultimate Crossbow Guide has found relevance. Hunters love using this tool for the thrill it adds to the hunt. While, it is true that it won’t feel the same as a traditional bow and arrow, it does add to the excitement of the game.
Big time hunters use the crossbow to take down big animals like the moose that requires a draw weight of 50 pounds minimum

Things you need to know before buying a crossbow for hunting
1. High Feet Per Second (FPS)
The higher the FPS, the more deadly it will be from up to 20 yards away. 20 yard is the recommended shooting distance. While, it is true that you will be shooting from a much closer distance, it is best to have a tool that can get the job done irrespective of the distance.
The recommended Feet Per Second is 250.
2. Weight
You need a weapon that can get you the kind of results that you want, but you also don’t want to carry a 12 pound cross bow around hunting. It will slow you down and it could be difficult to use on a tree stand while trying to maneuver around leaves.
If the best crossbow for hunting that you can find is heavier than 8.1 lbs., you can purchase a padded crossbow shoulder sling to carry it around.
3. Scope
You can buy this separately but ideally, you want to buy a crossbow whose scope is average. Whatever crossbow that you pick needs to hold zero for a period of time as well as having 3 dots. You also have to check to make sure it doesn’t drain the battery regularly.
4. Budget
When it comes to crossbows, Barnett Vengeance 480 Barnett wildcat C5 you get what you pay for. There are top of the line crossbows that costs as much as $900 and there are really cheap ones that cost way less. The truth is the cheaper ones might cost less and feel like it’s a bargain with the amazing things you can do with them, but it won’t be well built, as accurate or reliable as one that costs more. It will likely fail you when you least expect. So, always remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to crossbows.
5. Get quality arrows
Cheap arrows tend to never hit their targets. They fly around like ping pongs and that is why you need only the best designed arrows to use along with your crossbow. Carbon and aluminum arrows work extremely well. They are well constructed and built for abuse. Ensure that any arrows that you decide to buy have a nock created for crossbow use.

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